Student Learner Support

The shift from in-person to distance learning has been tough on kids and teachers alike. Teachers need additional adults in their digital classrooms, supporting their learners with essays and assignments, projects and discussions. The University of Minnesota hopes to tap the energy and expertise of its amazing students to support K-12 learners through this challenging time. This is the time to get involved! Go Gophers!

Tips for UMN Students!

COVID19 has made it tough for kids to benefit from all of the opportunities schools and community organizations provide. How can your strengths and talents be put to work to help young people?

Read our tips on how to prepare to serve as a virtual mentor!

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Levels of Learning Support

There are different degrees of support for both virtual and in person instruction. What level of support are you able to provide?

Learn about the Levels of Support

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Search for a School Site or Community Organization

Not sure where you can best serve? Check out the list of participating schools, teachers, and community organizations to see who might be a good fit for you!

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Search for community organizations

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